Wireless camera


49D54A4F-9126-4A08-A856-8DEE674C65FF.pngBought the EZVIZ C3a a couple of months ago to keep an eye on the rv while we were out, and got to admit I’m very impressed it has been up there for 2 months and the battery still has 50%.
The good thing is there is no wiring at all, stuck the magnetic ball on with sikaflex
Good bit of kit.
All the bits motion sensor etc.View attachment 285003189CB74-EC71-4514-A686-EADB22B823FC.jpeg2CCB87DA-8118-4E00-A917-02FECD3B8857.png307F0B8E-9062-4D9C-9323-5EE7BD5800E4.jpeg
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I have an ezviz and I use a relink for the ducks at home. Both are spot on. Reolinks apps better both need WiFi . Relink is charged via solar and the do a camera that you can put a sim in.