Who You Go'na Call

motor roamin

No not ghost busters........Duncan of course...........end of last year I grabbed the grab handle when getting in the coach promptly fell backwards on my arse with two halves of a grab handle in my hand, so last week a quick call to Duncan send pics can't find the broken one so send pics of the supports left on the bus..........got one says Duncan not quite the same but will work.........hey presto next day one is delivered to work..........first rate knowledge and service once again........thanks Duncan and all you guys who save a few quid shopping in the USA use him or loose him and theres no next day get you out the crap service from the USA.........but there is from Duncan, thanks Pal see you both soon.

dj motormouth

Fully agree. Does not which of the UK suppliers you use, at least use one of them. They are a bit like the village shop, will disappear due to lack of use and the village says what a shame and have to form a community shop. Except it will not be possible to do that with RV Medics, Star Spangled Spanner, Mobile RV etc. They are always going to be an endangered breed and need our care and attention. Where's David Attenborough of the RV World to help us?