Which Insurance do we need?


Hey Everyone! Hope you are all well?

We are super excited to announce that WE HAVE BOUGHT OUR FIRST RV!!!!!!!! :party::party: :talking:

It's a Forest River Georgetown 2006 35ft with two super-slides!! We are over the moon, whooo hooo! Can't wait to start our adventure in the future but until then we have a few things to sort out:

We are now looking for an Insurance but not really sure where/what to look for. Our plan is to move in it in about 5 months and then by summer 2022 we will have hopefully sold our business and will be off travelling the UK and the rest of Europe (we'll probably be spending the majority of the time in Europe).

So, we are looking for an Insurance that covers Europe, full-time living, unlimited miles (as we'll be travelling a lot) and...not sure what else we should be looking at?

Do you have any suggestion to what we would need?

PS: The one in the picture is not our actual RV as it's at a specialist at the moment getting serviced and two front new tires replaced. But it looks identical to this one!!!

Thanks so much in advance (y)



Nice RV, we hope you have many happy times along the way.

Insurance is a minefield as there are many policies to choose from. Some companies to get you started are NFU, Compton's and Comfort insurance. I'm with the latter and cannot vouch for the others but I know they have been mentioned on here before.

One thing to be aware of is windscreen cover... RV windscreens are jolly expensive, so make sure you have 'no limit' for screen replacement.

Good luck

Steve Martin

Welcome to the world of RV living and spending time doing things people dream about doing.
I am with Safeguard, not cheap about £1k but it comes with unlimited windscreen cover (about £6k to replace) 365 days cover but not allowed to full time (mmm work that out) and full EU breakdown cover.
Never had to use their services, so cannot say if they try to get out of paying for anything.


NFU, are their own insurer so not cheap, but you get a NCD, every year. Full windscreen less £75.
Had one accident, not my fault, excellent service.
Broke down twice, 1 repair, 1 lift to garage, again Ex.
Breakdown, I’d personally go RAC, any length weight, European, you need to join through Caravan & Camping Club though .