Which books, DVD?


Just a bit to far from the western Lake District, when I have a test centre 20 mins away, heard nothing but good things about his pass rates though.
Although doesn’t really answer my original question, I was enquiring about the best books dvds to get for the theory, risk perception.


I think the dvla one I used as the app.

Test on a computer is diff so for Harvard percep practice on a computer. I didnt.

Remember click to early gets you no points.
And when it comes to the test the middle mouse button does nothing.
Ask me how I know ! 0% first go .


I used the DVLA discs


But even with the latest offical discs the hazard test on them was out of date when I did my test all the test videos where different and most where in CGI. But still good practice don't approach it as someone who has driven for years as you will see hazards well before they happen, look at it as a novice driver would. or as a video game even.

When you click leave a second or two gap between clicks or you will get a big red cross as the computer will pick up over clicking.
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Books and DVDs ordered medical on the 18th roll on, thanks for the advice everyone.
just asked for a price from RS sale or return and they managed to knock off £20,000 in 1 year of ownership plus I’ve improved and fixed lots of niggles, think they’re taking the p**s to be honest bearing in mind it isn’t new, I would expect that depreciation on new not used.
Any thoughts? Or am I out of touch completely with the markets?