What great toys do we have in the garage.


We only had a small garage so nothing special has come out of mine but everything I did have I enjoyed and made the most of it.

My first mode of transport, my bike, did like to have plenty of lights, at one stage I had 4 on the front, bloody expensive on batteries though.

No picture but I then had a 50cc Honda, CBR I think but not sure.

Cant find a photo but somewhere along the line, I think the same time as I had the Blue SDi I brought a Daimler Sovereign. Needed to put a ltr of oil in every time we went out, but as a vehicle was in lovely condition.

Vehicles First Bike 1.jpg

3 The Avenger on the right in the second photo. Brought it of a "friend" before I passed my test, didn't actually ever drive it as when it went for mot the chassis had disintegrated. I was drawn to the ally wheels and spotlights over the condition of the rest of it lol. Still friends with said person.

Vehicles Subaru Justy 1.jpg

The Subaru I brought of the farm as the Avenger was no good. Lasted a couple of years, but my god did it rust but the rotary engine was a sweet as a nut. Proper passion wagon with mattress in the back, I knew how to impress the ladies..... had to squeeze through the sliding hatch window between front and back, real romantic.

Vehicles Subaru Justy 3.jpg

Loved my Metro, just 1ltr I think. More spots and yes the air horns did play the dukes of hazard tune.

Vehicles Metro 2.jpg

Next was actually an old green Rover SDi 3500 which I then painted with black hammerite with a brush in the corn store just to get a bit more roughness in the texture from the dust. Another friend decided to drive into the back of me one night on a leisurely drive home from the pub.... so that was the end of that. Found the blue really clean 2ltr and then swapped the V8 from the other one. Often on a friday night we would cram 6 or 7 of us in and drive up from Kent to Skegness to a mate's Cousins to stay for the weekend so we could go clubbing in Skeggy or up to Grimsby. It was pretty fast, could pull away in third and go straight to, well you know the speed limit;)

Vehicles Rover SDI 3500 2.jpg

RS Turbo. Had this for several years but was just a magnet for people trying to steal at the time, three times attempted theft, twice from the carpark where I worked at the time. They could get into it but I use to pull the fuel pump relay from under the dash when ever I got out so wouldn't start, by that stage the alarm raised attention and they went.

Vehicles Escort RS Turbo 1.jpg

Saxo VTS. First and only brand new car I had. Another one which was good fun and quick. Think I had it about 3 years then we brought a house close to work so I could walk and it had to go.

Vehicles Saxo VTS 1.jpg

My Ranger XLT I loved. Went all the way to the foreign lands of Wales from Kent to collect it, only 3 months old. Probably been my favourite vehicle.
Had it for 6 years and it never missed a beat.

Liz,Steve,Letterfern 7.jpg

Ranger had to go when we sold up and brought the Sunseeker and the KA, If I could have put Ranger on the trailer I would have.

This was the first time we loaded everything up and hit the road full time in August 2009


In 2018 we brought the Sprinter to convert. Just this April swapped back to the Sunseeker and the Sprinter is now in storage but due to come out soon as need it for a run around vehicle.