What great toys do we have in the garage.


Seen this on motorhome fun thought that's a good thread.

Looking forward to seeing all your cars/bikes/tractors or anything strange items you have.

Will start off with some of my toys I have or did have once.

Jaguar xk8 convertible 4 litre V8.
Rs cosworth.
Kawasaki zx10.
The list goes on but start with these 320200404_185006.jpg20200404_184916.jpg

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This is the car I built with my son and designed the suspension with the aid of a computer program. It is powered with a supercharged hayabusa engine. It will do 0-60mph in 2 seconds and 100 comes in 5 seconds, top speed 160 mph.We used it to compete in the British Speed Championship.Our competition was F1 powered cars. I stopped competing a few years ago and yes I do miss it!image.jpgimage.jpg