Arrived at wells Touring Park yesterday for 4 days where is the nearest lpg garage so we can fill up before the journey back to Birmingham going out tomorrow either cheddar gorge or into wells


You're going to struggle getting LPG in and around Wells.I believe Bawdrip fuel station stocks it on the A39 on the way to the M5.
What I recall is it's a small fuel station with a bloody low canopy !!!!:(.
Personally I'd run home on petrol........certainly not worth damaging the Rv !
I believe a lot of petrol stations are not stocking it anymore and that's going to be a pain in the arse as we all use LPG on board.My nearest one is the Esso station at Podimore on the A303,Fortunatley they still stock it there.

Enjoy Wells and Cheddar.........If your Mrs wants to spend some money then have a day at the Clarks Village in Street;)


We have down loaded an app on our phone called myLPG.eu which seems to show location and price but not if RV friendly. Thanks all for your help and advice. Look forward to meeting up with you when times are safe.

Steve Martin

If you go to Asda at the Mall the LPG is on far right as you enter pumps.
Pay and reverse out as you can catch your awning on the cash kiosk.
Best to leave via the diesel pumps.