Waterloo Farm

Has anyone stayed at Waterloo Farm Leisure? http://www.waterloofarmleisure.co.uk/

We are trying to book a week here but they have said that there is a humpback bridge on site which our RV may have difficulty with, I asked for a picture, it does look narrow but manageable, and she then said it has a 5 ton weight limit!!!!!

Just wondered if anyone has been?


Hi Dave it’s just down the road from us - we looked at pitching there sometime ago but would struggle with the bridge - I think you’d bottom out just as the bridge collapsed under the weight :) - but you don’t have to go under the bridge as there are spots before the bridge. - let us know it you get there :)
Just to keep everyone up to date.

They had a bit of a nightmare with their emails not loading so did not receive mine. I managed to speak to them today and they have confirmed the bridge has a weight limit of 5t and the council are unwilling to let them replace it!! They have agreed to refund my deposit.

There have been a few RV's go over the bridge (there are 2 on the site now) but she said they were empty and only weighed 6t so they let them over!!