Water heater not igniting - Bolton repair required


Hi, it’s my first time posting so please be gentle with me!
This summer we purchased a 1993 Gulfstream Sunsport in a moment of madness on eBay! He’s named Harvey ☺ He has brought us much fun (and mechanic bills) so far but is generally in good order. However we cannot get the water heater to fire up! Several none specialist mechanics have looked at it but we really need a local to us (Bolton) knowledgable person to repair it. Does anyone have any contacts please? TIA


Usually a bloody good clean and a check of the spade connectors etc will do the trick(y).Don't forget the blatantly obvious,ie gas tap open and that you actually have gas.
Can you hear the ticking of the ignitor and the presence of a spark ?
Once you have it working use it on a regular basis.99% of our camping is on electricity so don't use much gas but every month I'll have the hot water working on gas just to make sure it still works.
It's usually the most simple thing to put right.Definately worth getting it checked out professionally though.(y).

Steve Martin

Welcome to the forum, Bolton? Is that tup norf? where tis far too cold for us warm blooded folk..(y)
Can't help sorry..but like most will tell you. Everyone has had problems like this, myself included and the problem was solved by taking photos first, taking everything apart and cleaning and checking photos put it all back together again..(y)