Tyres and toilet


As we continue on our learning curve confirmation on tyres and toilet would be good :)

Tyres: is there a need to change every sixty months, as suggested with a MoHo - regardless of tread? Plus, are tyre pressure as per manual; or, based on axle weight?

Toilet: simply pee, poo and toilet paper to permit direct sewer dump; rather than any chemical or Aldi bio tablets?

Thanks in advance for the steer guys


7 years on tyres irrespective of tread use, but check the sidewalls regularly for cracks etc.

Poo, pee, paper (2 ply) and loads of water in a black tank and nothing else and a regular flushing of the tank should keep it 'sweet'. When emptying, let a little grey water down the pipes first (to lubricate), then the black tank followed by the rest of the grey to wash out the pipes. (Especially important when using a macerator. A; it'll prove the macerator is actually working. B; it'll lubricate the outlet pipes and C; it'll purge the nasty stuff out of your pipes when you've finished)
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RV Neal

We use a "green", formaldehyde-free toilet additive (it's actually green in colour too) to help with the break-down of solids and to keep the air "perfumed". It can be used in any type of dump point, I think.


Again, thanks for the steer all.

Any tips on best place to source tyres in the UK: plus, suggested pressures (axle weight driven or as per the manual).

Also, is the tyre valve similar on RV tyres - as I'm wondering if my tryepal will transfer over OK?


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Changed mine at 7 years from date of manufacture and you could see minute cracks appearing between the tread.