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We are going to put the 5th wheel on a site, so are looking for a tracker which will alert if the 5th wheel moves unless we are moving it. We need to be able to disable/ignore when we take it out for longer holidays.

Other things are fairly open. OH leaning towards long term battery which can be hidden rather than wired, but not fixed on that. He's still investigating options but wondered if you lot had any 'avoid at all costs' or 'this one is great' ideas.

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Go direct to Tracker they are great albeit a little expensive but you get what you pay for



Id rent it out to a bunch of gypsies or some dole rats..if it moves you will hear them squeal for miles..:001_rolleyes: Im not a natzi honest..:001_rolleyes:


Sorry, but I have to disagree with Sooty.
From our experience, the first 5er had a tracker, bought what I thought was lifetime cover. When we went to sell the unit, asked to transfer the unit to the new rig, no can do they said, despite me owning it. Some b&^%*$t about unable to transfer, but could transfer the ownership to the new owner and then charge them another membership. Also would not transfer my life cover to a new unit.
Would never ever recommend them, do not like com artists!!
Now use a trackstar, only offer 1 or 3 year membership, as they say most people change units to often to benifit from life cover. had it 2 years , so far very happy.
But as every one on here so rightly says,

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If you want one you are in control of then it is worth looking at companies such as Snooper and similar. They sell units which have a sim card in it and you can easily wire it up so it is linking with your main battery bank to keep charged up. The advantage of this is you can set them to report to you at certain times of the day - you can set them up to report to you if they go outside a Geo fence - if you do not know what that is it is the ability to set GPS parameters - say the fence line of the storage yard and if the unit is moved outside the area you will get a text to advise. As you have set this you can unset it when you do not need the info - you can also ask it to text it with the co-ordinates of where it is at any point. All that will cost you is the tracker + a phone free sim card and whatever texts you make it do per month.

The only downside of this is that most insurance companies will not accept this type of unit if a tracker is required as a condition of insurance.

We have this on a couple of land rovers and they are very useful
We use Snoopers MyTrak. It has a google maps link so family and friends can follow our travels. You can set up geo fences with email or txt notifications for entry and exit. You can set it up to warn of power loss. My coach was in for service and MOT whilst we were away for a couple of weeks, they had all the DC stuff on but did not put the shore power on. After 10 days I got a message about the power loss and called them on a Saturday, from France, to get the shore power connected.
Not recognised by my insurance however, well they did not discount my premium when I told them?

Landy Lover

Not recognised by my insurance however, well they did not discount my premium when I told them?

Not all insurers offer a discount for even recognised tracker fitting - likewise not all insist on a tracker being fitted as a part of the insurance. I know when we tried to get a discount on daughters caravan which is a Bailey they laughed and said no. Bailey fit the trackers all in the same place and the thieves know exactly where that is and when they knick a Bailey the first thing they do before they move it is to rip the tracker out and throw it over the hedge. At least with the Snooper one you are the only one who knows where it is and can advise the police where the vehicle is in the event of theft.


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We know someone who fits them if you'll travel to them. They are in kings Lynn xx


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Ours is a Smart Trak fitted by Automate. Not the cheapest but we are happy with it. A hidden switch switches it off for moving. When it was first fitted i of course forgot to switch it off and before we had moved a mile the Smart trak people where on the phone asking me if i knew it was moving :blushing:
If the onboard battery level falls then they send me a text to ask me to charge it up. Life time cover, sorry can't remember how much but not cheap.

Dave. :thumbup::thumbup:


We know someone who fits them if you'll travel to them. They are in kings Lynn xx
Thanks for the offer, but OH is pretty handy with the electrics so I think he's looking at doing it himself.

Thanks for all the ideas everyone. He's perusing them all. :thumbup:

Sometimes I think knowing too much makes the decision harder as he wants what this one does combined with how you fit that one etc. one thing we will be checking is the mobile signal at the site we are planning to use, as this will rule in or out a few options.
Tracker recommendations.


We have a Gemini alarm and we have a tracker with Skytag.

Check it out to see that is any help.

With Skytag you can pay extra and others can log onto their site to see where you are. The service from them has been good. The e mail every month to let you know everything is working fine and battery is OK.

Hope this helps.