One factor to consider when you go the A-frame route is the weight and size of frame needed. I've had 2 TOADS. First was a Fiat Seicento and didn't weigh much. The frame was light and a doddle to fit/remove. The frame was also small enough to fit in the Fiat's boot.

Then, because I wanted a better motorway car to commute London -> North East, I bought a 2006 Mini Convertible. They aren't light cars. Weighed in about 1300Kg so had to have a beefier A-Frame. This frame was super heavy and a real arse-ache to put on. It didn't fit in the boot and was a pig to lift into a belly locker. It really put me off using the TOAD.

I think the watershed point for one or the other is 1000Kg before you have to go to the monster one.

Couple of disclaimers. Mine was an Armitage Trailers A-frame. Others may be lighter. The watershed weight was given to me verbally by the fitting team so I'm happy to be corrected.

FWIY, Armitage Trailers did a good job. Despite customising the lights, sub-frame, pedals etc, I used the car daily for 6 years with no problems relating to the conversion.
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jim jarvis

I will make this comment and I know people are going to say RUBISH in April this year we just couldn't make up our minds A Frame or Trailer anyway our incurrence was due for renewal in June and Safeguard with whom we were with well there price had gone way up so we rang around the cheapest was Caravan Guard giving us the same cover for Europe and UK so I asked about towing she said no problem its covered in the fully comp so great then it seemed as an after thought or possibly a prompt from someone else she asked you asked me if you are covered for towing a car yes I said she told I'm sorry is the car on an A Fame or a Trailer I asked why she said you will only be coverd on a trailer we will not insure an A Frame so regrettably we purchased the trailer which as know I can not use it because of an injury so be carful I think you should sure your insurance know its an A Frame

motor roamin

I have done both at the present time I don't own a car with an A fame, there are for's and against both I am lucky I have a choice of trailers from 3.5ton open or covered to 10X5 plant trailer, so depending which vehicle I want to take I can fit the trailer to it, I tend to prefer a trailer, but an A frame is quick and convenient.

lee and sheryl

We have a smart car with a A frame but you can't back up very far so I am now adapting a trailer to put it on.The o my problem we have found with the A frame us reversing we have towed it on the A frame for about 5000 miles this year.

RV Neal

We have a smart car on a A frame but am now adapting a trailer to take either the car or my motorbike as you can't back up with a A frame on and when doing things like the NC500 you do need to back up sometimes.I have two twin axel Brian James trailers but I don't want a trailer that big.
Great idea! I have a Brian James Bantam trailer especially made to carry a Smart car. I have adapted it to carry either one or two classic motorcycles using the wheel "clamping" devices. These can be added or removed at will depending on our trailer usage.