Toads battery


Hi me again.
Escape from Welsh Wales apart from being inhabited with morose delivery drivers hellbent on nicking my remaining mirror was wet wet wet (boy did it rain) was dark as well so put headlights on. Got to Ludlow and toads battery was so flat that it wouldn't power the ignition lights or anything. Now forgive me for my assumption but isn't the bus supposed to charge the toads battery
As going along?


The answer is Not necessarily , as it depends on how the vehicles are wired up ! So you need someone who knows what they are looking at to
............................. av a look . That will enable a start on what has or has not gone wrong . HTSH


You need to fit a battery isolator switch under the bonnet, then you will never have a flat battery when you want to use the toad..(y)

Uncle Tony

Or alternatively, you could run a cable underneath the toad and use a trailer lighting board on the back of the toad.

Or ask DU to tell you how he does it with a split relay.
Have a look at Smart.Com Relay. Easy wired and does the job at realistic cost. We use a 13 pin socket from rig to Toad so have two fused power feeds to Toad. Use two relays which covers the battery power when running with lights on.

Also put the relays in a waterproof box under the Toad Hood...oops sorry Bonnet and smear all lecci connections with vasaline or similar. Ky is too slippery !!

There sorted, no more flat batteries.