This old cherry once again ( Loo Roll )


Since we have had the RV we have used Andrex classic white and found it breaks down fast (Well we used this on the caravan before that) up to now never had any problems.

But now I’ve found a new contender that brakes down just as fast if not faster


Yes it’s industrial but soft only disadvantage is it’s thin so could fail on the finger test where the finger could tear though during wiping I did a bottle test with this and Andrex both together and they both took the same time to disintegrate down to a floating pulp

I got these from Bookers Cash and Carry during the shortage


As I have already said on another thread. Andrex Quilted or Charmin quilted for us. If you dont use any chemicals in the tank. The natural enzymes will break it all down.
Have never dared use quilted have had it block the loos at home, and never gave fantastic results in the bottle test department.
Never use chemicals

Found the last time I used the macerater to pump the stuff out one of the kids had put a wipe down and this had got caught up in the blade, even with this wipe had I used a 3" pipe it would had just flushed away


The only problem once I had right at the start, was one of the kids putting wipes down the loo. Tangled up in the macerator.
If you think of the acids and bugs in your gut, that break down food, they will transfer to the loo. So a bottle test might be an indication of quicker break down, but quilted will break down with enzymes and acids.