Can the tolls be avoided safely? That’s a shocking price
I know, bloody outrageous. The alternative road that runs almost parallel apparently is extremely dangerous owing to the amount of lorries that use it to avoid the tolls, coupled with the fact that it's poorly served by LPG stations led us to using the motorway.

Ruff Nomads

We’ve been given the heads up for this place. Friends have a villa just down the beach and say it’s a great place for RVs. Fabulous beach bar called BJ’s apparently.
It’s gone on our route list.


Hi, thank`s for that,£80 is a bit steep,we will try another route,we are at Marjel for a couple of month`s then who know`s. If any one else as been on that stretch AP68 any more info would be great. Cheer`s SB


I'll probably get slated for this but £80 quid for a leisurely SAFE journey on the toll road compared to risking your life and more importantly your Rv competing with some looney lorry driver in my book is a steal.
Only my opinion of course but I know which one I choose(y).