Shoreline and generator not charging

Hi all I have a Damon Astoria 3773 2007 and for some reason has stopped charging on the shoreline When plugged in and when I start the generator ,any ideas what to check.


If you find rcd tripped , try one reset , if trips or wont reset switch off all circuit breakers and try again , then if resets switch on other cb one at a time if trips again switch off last cb you reset and try main again . repeat . without the one that tripped as that's where problem lies .
When shoreline is plugged in breakers are on and all appliances work ie microwave,tv,skybox,soundbar washing machine etc but it’s not charging the battery’s,and the same with the With the generator starts up but won’t change the battery’s.


how do you know its not charging?
you have worked out the shoreline / generator is producing electricity.

Sometimes the batt discconect switch needs a currrent to switch it if you batt is too flat you cant switch it on....- if this is not working ( loud clicking when you switch it ) try switching it on with the emergency battery switch engaged ( normally found near the driving seat )

You have a converter / charger that charges your batteries with a D.C. current. This will have its own fuse.
Its possible the charger is working - but you batteries are buggered and its just they can't hold a charge.

Do you have a multimeter can you check the voltage at the battery while the shore line is connected . If it over 13 volts you are getting a charging voltage and i would get your batteries checked. If not try the below...

Check a 12volt item. A light / Try a water pump when disconnected from shorepower. if its weak / not working then plug into shorepower. If it starts working well / faster then your converter is working. Look at the batteries.

If you get no change in voltage at the batteries between being on shorepower and off the charger is not is not getting electricity to your batteries and you need to look at the charger. Try and locate fuses etc and check them but if it is the charger i suggest you seek help from someone that understands mre about them.

maybe contact the previous owner of the coach or wher you bought it from if you havent had it long