September 2021 free weekend camping again at Stratford upon Avon race course 2021.BUT £10 per person is a MUST for the 3 charities


Have now read this post though 3 times now from start to finish but still cant find any September code
The code for June was easy to find but this one........ hmmmmm
Also last year didn't we have to send a show Vehicle form to Tom with the RVs details that you sent us by eMail
There no code for September as of yet.

Soon as I get any more info od codes I will post.

Tiffin 34

Hello All,

Well it that time again in 2021 I have arranged again a free weekend camping again at Stratford upon race course on

Free weekend
17, 18 and 19 September 2021 (GOOGLE IT)

Yes totally free just like the one I organised in 2019 and 2020 in which got cancelled due to covid.

I have nothing to do with the show other then get it free for you all.

Do you fancy a great weekend at Stratford upon Avon race course ?

The only condition is your motor home MUST BE a American Rv and weight MUST BE over 5 tons.

If not you can still come BUT YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY (THINK ITS £130)

The show is Overlander show and this will include free entry passes to the show itself.

fantastic weekends away.

Soon as i get some more info i will post.

So those who are coming to

Those who are coming to Overlander
17, 18 and 19 September 2021

1, Jason and Michelle. Arv club/rvoc
2, Paul and Tara. Arv club
3, Eric and lol. Arv club/rvoc
4, John and deb. Rvoc
5, Mick and Michelle. Rvoc
6, Kev and bev. Arv club/rvoc
7, Al, jd and Marley. Arv club/Rvoc
8, Graham and Shirley. Rvoc
9, Alex cooper. Arv club
10, Great Dane. Mike and Eric. Arv club
11, Marion and ken.Arv club
12, Betty pat and Tony.Arv club
13, Philip Hill.Arv club
14, Mandy adi Wright. Amc
15, Lee ans Sheryl. Arv club
16, Arthur and Teresa. Arv club/rvoc
17, Graham and sue. rvoc arv club
18, Jim and carol. Arv club Rvoc
19, Wayne and Shelley. Rvoc
20, Larry99. Rvoc
21 Steve and Karon.rvoc
22, Chris and Ann. Arv club/rvoc
23, Concord pilot.rvoc
24, Gareth and Tracey Gareth62.rvoc
25, Chris and brenda. Arv club
26, Roger and pam.Arv club
27, Paul micheal. Amc rvoc
28, Jimmy and Jennifer hobson.amc
29, Sully-pec steve and sue.rvoc
30, Mike and Deborah Ritchie.amc
31, Jon van de merwe. Amc
32, Alison and Phil Williams.amc
33, Mike Hazzledine.amc
34, Wendy and chris Riches. Arv club
35, John and Jane.Arv club
36, Chris and Brian Destination unknown.amc rvoc
37, Simon and Sophie Perry.amc
38, Gary and christine.Arv club
39, Mark and lin Hazel. Rvoc
40, Nigel and Julia hawkins amc
41, Adrian & Tracy Allworth arv club
42, Mick and Karon durham rvoc
43, Alan and Teresa onan. rvoc
44, Rob and Jackie kirby.Arv club
45, Michael + Fay. Mike 59. Rvoc
46, Jeff and Maureen. Arv club
47, Sue and mick fletch.Arv club
48, Benjamin Bradshaw. Amc
49, Geoffrey Irving. Arv club
50, Landy lover Bill. Rvoc
51, Steve and Chris kettlewood. Arv club
52, Malk & Sheena Watkins.Arv club
53, Adrian and Teresa Dunne Arv club
54, Tony & cheryl (Rambler).rvoc
55, Tim & debbie.(Rambler).rvoc
56, Rrv John.rvoc
57, Laura (American rv uk group)
58, Tania figgins (American rv/5th wheel)
59, Dave Crosland (American rv/5th wheel)
60, Kevin & Jane delaney (American rv motorhome uk)
61, Craig swales (American rv motorhome uk)
62, kesley cunningham(American rv motorhome uk)
63, Richard/Kelly johnson (American rv motorhome uk)
64, mandy+fella (American rv motorhome uk)
65, Andy/Lorraine hunt (American rv motorhome uk)
66, Louise+neil newel gilbourne (American rv motorhome uk)
67, Chris Darrell (American rv motorhome uk)
68, Wendy Priestley (American rv motorhome uk)
69, Matt hitchcock (American rv motorhome uk)
70, Susan pawlowski (American rv motorhome uk)
71, Nigel lingwood amc
72, Helen Geoff hodgkins (American rv/5th wheel)
73, Phil tate (American rv motorhome uk)
74, John Reginald francis (American rv motorhome uk)
75, George cooke (American rv motorhome uk)
76, Jamie joelene beardon (American rv motorhome uk)
77, Doug & sue chambers (American rv motorhome uk)
78, Allen & lorrian cruse (American rv motorhome uk)
79, Paul sandford (American rv motorhome uk)
80, Jackie hinchliffe rvoc
81, Graham shortland arv club
82, Mick gail rvoc.
83, Colin and Hazel arv club.
84, Steve dunn mobile Rv's.
85, Sarah & cal clark American rv motorhome uk)
86, Sue & Howard holt (American rv motorhome uk)
87, Rob mill ward rvoc.
88, Lord Paul Bennett amc.
89,Matthew & Limara turley. (American rv motorhome uk)
90, Dave n sue rvoc.
91, Shirley Jackson American rv motorhome 5th wheel.
92, Neil & Jill goude American rv motorhome 5th wheel.
93, Paul Myall rvoc ref Lee myall arv club.
94, Nail blaxill (American rv motorhome uk)
95, Stephen elves (American rv motorhome uk)
95, Roger & Lin mcallister amc.
96, Stephen elves (American rv motorhome uk)
97, Baz bull barraclough (American rv motorhome uk)
98, Brian/Nicolas groves (American rv motorhome uk)

Jason Kennedy service engineer.

Reserve list will be 101 Rv's and over.


Hi Jason would you Kindly add us to the list for the weekend at Stratford Race Course 17/18 & 19 September please. Pete & Lyn