RV Sat Nav

Barrie the diver

hi can anybody help i am looking for a reasonably priced camper van sat nav with the facility of adding a reversing camera i have checked out the ones on the Falcon website and they look goo but are on the pricey side


I've got a Garmin 770 camper satnav (now 780) and it's been pretty good. I seem to think you can have a reversing camera attached wirelessly via Bluetooth, but you'll need to check that out.
Good luck


We have a tom tom and our reversing camera is a wireless one on our 30 ft fiver but it is wire to the neck and the transmitter is fitted there well tied on with zip tie :nerd:, and the receiver is in the back window of the pickup and monitor is clip on to the mirror,


thanks merv i will have a look thanks Daybreaker for the advice it will be going on a 5th wheel i will need to look into
I've tried various navigation systems & I'm currently using Sygic Truck navigation app on my phone with screen mirror to my Pioneer head unit, it's always up to date with the mapping, you can input specific vehicle dimensions & it's never failed me yet. I always check the destination before routing though as I did have an iffy postcode once.
I have 39ft & a 36ft 5th wheels, I run reversing cameras with cables, wireless at that range isn't going to work.


Xgody / Novotec - Facebook group. I bought a 7" generic Sat Nav and followed the Groups instructions and loaded their software and truck file - okay so far regarding low bridges.


I second Sygic Truck - ‘Camper/C*r*v*n version [sorry Blair}.
There is usually some sort of special offer.
But . . never trust them, or any, implicitly - after all they are only as good
as the distant programmer who is driving a keyboard in a dark room !