RV Neal

Well this weekend I have prepped the water system for our next trip. Sanitised the the entire system with Puriclean, drained, refilled and flushed the water tank and pipework, drained and refilled the hot water tank, flushed and charged the holding tanks, and checked the water heater on LPG.

This was done back in early December ready for our Christmas break that never happened and so, I have re-done it. I also took the RV off SORN and re-taxed it ready for our first trip since September 2020 which is coming up next Bank Holiday.

motor roamin

I am soooooo jealous haven’t had time or space to move mine and wash it check over and MOT it so I can tax it let alone use it, getting closer to having a moving date so got to get it done I hate being last minute but looking more like it lol