Portugal West Coast


Would love to but we are well inland!!!!!! Don't know too much about the coast------- we did a run up there a few years ago, just wild camped where convenient!!!!
That's one reason we are in the process of buying an old Portuguese reg motorhome -------we are going to spend more time pottering around this great country!!!!!
There are some areas with lockdown from tonight---- try to

I don't know what happened there----- a lot of my post got lost!!!
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Morning! Any tips for sites heading north from the Algarve? Coastal?
We're travelling in the opposite direction, just outside Almeria (Roquetas de mar) right now and are on a 2 week lockdown from midnight ! Could be a lot worse. We stayed at the Orbitur camp in Sagres in a pine forest , access wasn't bad. Porto Covo at the Yelloh, south of Sines. Fantastic beaches nearby. Couldn't find any sites that could take us around Porto or Lisbon .