Phase 2 or 3 or is it 4 ?


dont know anything about Vulcans but certainly remember we had a 125 international even as far back as the Drott BTD6 them progressed on to the 175 powershift real modern
and loads of different Ruston Bucyrus machines fight up a 61RB HD F/S & Dragline
driveing one of them with all the clutches screaming
before all the modern hyd machines started to appear
them were the days when drivers were drivers bib & brace overalls and a grease gun
all gone now technicians with computers
Jimmy here’s one of the little face shovels I used to drive for Taylor Woodrow mining forty odd years ago
It’s a 190 bucyrus Erie ( American branch of Ruston bucyrus) all electric motors

10rb, 19rb ,22rb 30rb,38rb all hard work to drive
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We used to have 2 RB22 on the landfill site I worked on many years ago, fitted with screws for well boring, they were used to drill wells for 1m concrete rings for pumping leachate out the tip, fantastic machines, iirc RB went out of business in a recession, another company lost to the games of government.
Larry i know exactly what that is or was sadly all these machines have now gone
if i remember there is a 110 if the Therkeld quarry & plant museum (google the site )at keswick for
any body who is interested in all that type of equipment
they have some open days each year when they fire up this old equipment and if you can convince them you know what your doing they might even let you have a shot
last time i was there i had a shot of a 10RB F/S you could move more nowadays with a mini digger
last big old machine we had was a NCK Eiger 120 sold it 2 / 3 years ago we still have an NCK Andes and
500RBSC all on crane duties but only on yard work as now body around nowadays to operated them
going back to the old days we hauled all the Production from the Euclid /Terex plant
and it was boom time in wales inn the 70s for the OCCS guys we ran new R50 dumptrucks almost every week to the occs sites before the 100% grant on new equipment stopped


That cable it’s dragging is I presume the supply cable. The Vulcans houchin or ground power unit cable was that size . You had to grab it and stagger backwards to keep up momentum to get it to the socket. Sometimes took two men. Once saw it almost sucked into an engine where the air intake was. Had to run and grab and pull it back. Lifted it about 6 ft towards intake almost 12 ft off ground. That shows how much air it sucked in at 90% on one engine.
Makes a joke of British rail saying stand back from the platform or you may get sucked off :D