Phase 2 or 3 or is it 4 ?


W-I-P continues :)

Taking shape now - quite a bit of tidying up but under the bad was hugely cluttered so looks like there’ll be a bit more room soon



Most recent update :-}

It’s been a while and the RV isn’t ready yet - however this isn’t Tom’s fault (RV Installations) - i said I didn’t need RRV back so he prioritised his other work

He called me today with an update and its all looking very positive :)

So far all the 12v DC work has been completed - he’s just checked the 230v / 120v and its a complete mess with spurs everywhere - so he’s installing a new ring main so virtually all the old 120v will be removed and new wiring fitted - apparently there’s over 50 meters of wiring which is being replaced with about 10 meters - such is the confusion with the wiring.

The only thing working on 110v now is the 2 air con units - but he’s putting in the wiring so i can change these if i want to to the new dometic air con units that can run off batteries or 240v

Heating systems going in next week which is 2 X 9kw webasto heaters

Hopefully ill get some photos later this week


Well there’s always the danger of saying to someone “don’t rush” :)

RRV is still in Devon having all the work done to it mainly because I said to Tom “don’t rush as I’m not in a rush so you can prioritise your other work” this was back in august

So the target date for me to collect it now is end of this month. So it’s been down there now since end of June!!!!

BUT it’ll be worth it in the end.

From the conversations I’ve had with Tom - he’s pretty much replaced all the 12v and 120v and 230v wiring - removed most of the 120v and everything apart from the air con and fridge now work on 230v

He found out that my battery link switch wasn’t working so my leisure and engine batteries were constantly connected - not ideal.

As an update we’ve had all the Elec done - new fridge back - new heating - 3 webasto diesel heaters running independently or together - also heats the hot water from diesel solar and engine (when running) so when we’re travelling our water will always be hot - this is also ducked out the side of the rv so when we have the awning up we’ve got heating in there

The old diesel generator is being removed and replaced with a lighter weight lpg generator just to charge the lithium batteries on demand.

I don’t think Tom is much of a photographer as I keep asking for photos but have received too many - but hopefully I’ll get some soon

Next update will be after I’ve picked it up PROBABLY:)



1. 7.5 kw diesel generator
2. Atwood water heater
3. Atwood water heater tank
4. Atwood blown air heater x 2
5. Victron 5000w quattro 120v
6. Victron isolation transformer
7. 1500w 12v to 230v pure sine inverter - I think this might be available
8. 1200w 12v to 230v pure sine inverter - I think this might be available
9. Sharp American rv microwave- quite big (black)
10. 2 x mttp solar chargers

If anyone is interested in any of the above let me know as it need to go as I don’t want it hanging around ;-)


Its good to see we are not the only one going this road, we have purchased solar panels and 2 Victron MTTP controllers, we also bought 2 Rolls 6v 450ah batteries and looking at the Victron 3000va multi plus inverter/charger, the battery monitor and the GX controller, it has a large initial cost, but it is a great system.