WOW its been 2 days now and still not finished..I cant take all this paperwork with me when fulltiming so Ive been going through it.... all the archives etc....Each piece I check I have to double check as it brings up a need to cross reference if its still required. At this rate ill be 80..maybe Ill just put petrol on it and have done with it;)
Still haven't finished clearing the attic room let alone the spare rooms... I'm now going to scan every piece of paper in future and keep it on hard disc. By the time I get fulltiming there will be no Rvs just huge batteries with wheels and a shed on top.:D


:) Feel your pain.
Nowadays we check the RV every 12 months and if it hasn't been used its out the door.


Yes should've listened to my Girl apprentice...if you haven't touched it in 6 months out it:D OOOEEERR missus just realised what I said;)


I feel your pain Bill, having to keep everything for years to keep HMRC happy incase they decide to pay a visit. I've got boxes of paperwork going back 8 years, I've already had one computer crash/virus that lost over 2 years accounts & then found that the back up was corrupted too, I thought I had sufficient protection software but Sage said that there wasn't anything else I should have done so ???
That's why I don't trust computers & always keep paper originals of everything.

Preacher man

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Yeh I've a hundred weight of papers for the last 8 years but hopefully will be able to gradually rid myself of them as the years pass once i am retired.