off grid


fraid its stay at home for the moment, apparently we could start them up and take them for a drive but not stay overnight anywhere, hopefully from what some minister has said we might be able to start getting out proper from mid july


I read that newspaper article. Are people not allowed to go for a walk with a face mask on a quiet street? Is it total isolation to their house in the UK?
We have to stay 6 feet away from each other and wear a face mask. I noticed a lot of people are not wearing a mask or social distancing. Dave and I are just taking care of our health. We wear a mask. I wear a mask when I walk Mac down our street and Dave wears a mask when he goes to the little store in town.
Texas is opening up a bit at a time. Many people here want everything opened. I think that Dave and I will be wearing a mask for a long time.
Our economy has been hit hard, and on the news tonight an economist said it will take a very long time to get better.
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