Now in lock down


An observation and in NO WAY meant to be personal, a reflection on Steve's park or point the finger at individuals .......

sadly IMHO the 'blanket ' closure of campsites (particularly by the large 'clubs') is another example of non-joined up thinking
I was instructed not to arrive at a C&MC club site on Monday, where I was booked and due to spend the next several weeks
I have to remain close because of caring / shopping for high risk 90+ year old parents

I have been able to find myself a 'tame' local transport yard 25 miles away where I am allowed to park, Monday to Friday whilst the trucks are away
I am fortunate that another business on a nearby industrial estate, which closes at weekends, is allowing me to park there over the weekend until I can return to the transport yard

Both businesses are now benefiting from free, additional on-site presence / security 24/7
(like us all I am able to be self sufficient and have been offered access to a tap and a manhole - I shall contribute to their electric as I believe it important they are not out of pocket)

To where do the government expect us 'full timers' / seasonal users to go ?? - laybys ?? The local news (in many places) is reporting an influx of motorhomes 'wild camping' / parking on residential estates - because they have no where else to go
(I know from comments on the forum, some of us like lay-bys :lipssealed: :lipssealed: :lipssealed: )

Would it have made more sense to close sites ONLY to those who are NOT self sufficient ?? - they could have closed the facilities and communal areas - we could quite happily have shouted at one another through the windows :D:D:D - the sites would still have derived some income and avoided the needless additional stress, for many of us more mature motorhomers, of fearing that would be spending the next few weeks / months / years living in lay-bys.

Rant over.

(PS. Rick "got any room in your yard ?? " :):)


Our problem is we are guided by hoseasons,
Who wanted our accommodation closed.
Plus a lot of people wanted to come down from the city’s to use our accommodation to isolate, our hospitals down here struggle at the best of times.
But to agree if I had a site with no cottages or statics.
I would stay open for full timers especially if I had fully serviced pitches.
I don’t know what the score is on carvynick.