The Spring Break kids are having a great time on the Florida coast. Officials say they are going to close the beaches. I don't know why. I have not heard that any of those young people are sick. They will send them home to places that have the virus rampaging through their city. Some have said they are not going home. If they close up they will make their own fun. This will be a great story for them to tell their kids and grandkids when they get to that age. If they don't drink themselves to death first.:D:D:D


whats the point of worrying if you catch it and die your worrys are over if you catch it and recover your worrys are over if you dont catch it you worried for nothing just enjoy life and dont worry because worrying will cause stress and stress will kill you

Chris S-S

Here's an out there thought!

Evertime this planet starts to get over crowded with humans something comes along to cull the human race!
Whether it be:
A World War
The great plague
A great fire or thusami
HIV/ Aids
Now Covid19

Ebola, Sars, Hiv and now this people are blaming inter action with animals, could it not just be the planet taking back control?