Not Good News ( Old Mo)

Was unsure how to word this post, So will put on Maurice's own words.

Hope you get sorted mate, the fish in Newbiggin Bay are waiting for you get better.

Hi Brian & Chris..

Afraid not much chance of meeting up...

Been in hospital for a week, and just waiting on various surgeons to make up their minds as to what they can do to try and fix me up..

Got summat wrong with a main heart aorta... shadow on my lung and a load of nudules attached to some organs...

So my time is spent in bed, slouching in my pyjamas on the settee and popping pills and medicines and inhalers like they are going out of fashion..

Hope your back op goes ok, Brian.... and wish you a speedy recovery...

If you could stick some thing on rvoc regarding what I have told you... I would be grateful...
have not been on there since I found out all is not right with me...

Only put it on Fun cos Judy was getting so many phone calls asking what`s up, and why I had not been on-line.. ... think it`s upset her a bit.. Bit of a bombshell, ok one minute and then this lot......

All the best
Maurice & Judy..

soul buddies

I had heard this news :( as I had previously messaged Mo to find out why he hadn’t been about on the forum, I also noticed he had put his lovely Edsel up for sale :( wishing him a full recovery and looking forward to seeing back on ere :)


Not the sort of news I want to read, but please let Mo we are thinking of him and wish him a speedy recovery.


All the best Mo and Judy get well soon can be proud to say we have met you both and Paul at that time what a lovely family just get well soon and all the best thinking of you
Scouser and beryl :cool: