Nose weight


Sorry chaps another dumb question. Nose weight or tongue weight. I'm looking at this practically I think. If I'm toading on an a frame, surely no downwards force is applied to back of the RV as A. the toad is on the ground all four wheels and B. The A frame is attached to the front of the car and is on a fulcrum. DOH don't make sense to me.


Just as you suggested no nose weight from an A frame. Just set your RV hitch so that when connected the A frame is about parallel to the ground. It may not be possible to get it exact so it is better to have a slight rise to the RV from the car (RV hitch higher than car connection point) than a slight fall to the RV from the car. This way under sharp braking the car will try to go under the A frame not over it.


Cant adjust height but it is within the prescribed height of errrr cant remember er 600 mm thanks, I think that will be the case though


Do not confuse A framing with Caravaning or trailering the two are completely separate sports
Snaking can almost be ruled out as the toad has a self centering steering mechanism a Caravan hasn't.
Ride height is not adjustable on the A frame to car mount, only the tow hitch, if you have an adjustable tow hitch that is.
The tow hitch should be set so that when your all hooked up it is parallel.
Not sloping down or sloping up, if it must slope at all , then sloping slightly down from the car to the tow hitch is preferable
Never sloping up.
Your 600mm don't come into it at all, unless the A frame height on the car end happens to be 600mm.
Hook up stand 10 foot away to the side, does it look straight if so, jobs done
as for nose weight yes you can feel the nose weight when you lift to connect up about 1-2 KG so no worries there
after hooking up try disconnecting without operating the lever, you will know if its locked into place.
As for security locking hitch into place, my advise would be, not whilst towing, if you do need to unhitch in a hurry you will regret fitting an extra lock
when you park up at services then lock it on, but remember to unlock before setting off
After 1/2 you will forget you are towing it really is that simple and absolutely nothing like towing a Caravan
Camera on all the time is also good, just to remind you, you are towing, don't try waving the car past it's with you;)
As we could not afford a fancy ajustable height hitch we had this made. Top hitch is for the A-Frame, the lower one is for the Trailer.

It also has 2 rollers on the bottom to try and help when the rear catches the road.