Norcold n811r fridge

Hi all I have a norcold n811r that runs fine on gas,the other day I was parked up for a week plugged into a shore line with the fridge turned on to auto it ran fine for three or four days but now the gas has lite up for no reason while still plugged into the shoreline.WHY.


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Have a look around the bathroom and kitchen sink areas, there may be a 110 volt gfci socket, ground fault circuit interrupter, it's a usa version of an rcd, looks like a twin 110 volt socket with 2 tiny buttons between the outlets one labelled test one reset, see if there is one and if it has tripped, these in 60 percent of rvs control the mains power to the fridge socket


RV Neal

Dunc, you're a diamond and no mistake. Just can't find my GFCI socket in my RV! (and I have looked!)