No 12 volt power


Evening guys
I suddenly have no 12 volt power to the inside of my fifth wheel. If I run the geni everything works. Switch of the geni and nothing no heater fridge or lights. Plenty of power in the battery. Any suggestions please


Have you look at the charger where the fuses are main supply wire from battery's are in there, have you a inverter connected in line allso your earth from battery is it good, not had that problem yet fingers crossed but mine is basically as from dealer


On our 5th wheel there's a couple of fuses that are to protect against reverse battery connection, they're in the main fuse board along with the 120v breakers, ours blew once & I'm not sure why. It resulted in no battery power.
The main power from the battery may also go through a thermal protector, these normally should reset, but can go bad & fail.