Nightmare drive


I say nightmare but could have been worse lucky we had a clear run

Drove from Midlands to Barmouth drive took around 5 hours with two stops one to Regas in Brum at Starcity one roundabout away from Costco (52p litre) and one stop near to Shrewsbury

We had one point in Wales crossing a bridge the wind blew us over to the other side of the road
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Our turn tomorrow,Clay Pigeon on the A37 just south of Yeovil on the way to Dorchester.A stretch of road completely open to the elements,No rush so not unduley bothered.If anybody else is out and about then take care. (y)
Hi john your biggest problem will be meeting static on the move... that piece of road after the narrow bridge is being repaired so has traffic lights which I wish they’d keep. Met two artics tailgating each other on that bridge once :(


Ci said exactly the same Bill regarding those traffic lights,It would be a great idea(y).Not too bad today as there's not a lot of lorries about !.....Like you I've met some big stuff on the approach to the bridge,
One thing the HGV test taught me is to look a lot further ahead than if I was in the car so in this particular case you can see any big stuff coming and take action accordingly,in my case I pull over and stop !.....Haven't lost anything yet !!!!! (Kiss of death or what !!):rofl: