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Hello all :clap:

We are at the stage of looking at various RV's and we will be buying one for full time living.

We have never done this before, so we are very excited, nervy but thrilled to be able to do this, thrilled to be starting a new adventure in our lives.
We hoping to be setting off this year and will be travelling over to Europe for the winter and then back to the UK for summer.

As a full timer, do you find it difficult to find sites/Aires to take a large RV?

Which Insurance Company offers the best rates for full time?

Which is the best sat nav to buy for a large RV?

Who have you used to inspect your RV before purchase? As DEFKA only do inspections on motorhomes under 35K.

Thank you for your comments
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Hello and welcome from over here in Sunny Aberystwyth, there's quite a few on her who fulltime in their RV's and will soon be along to offer advice and help, I'm sort of fulltime although mostly sat in our yard as I've ripped the house to bits to rebuild it........If I had my way I'd more than happily rent out the house and set off on fulltime travels :hi::hi:

Julian Dearson

We’ve got a 35 footer and full-timed since September last year (sadly back to bricks and mortar next month due to change of circs). We have mainly been in the UK and found very few issues. Advice would be to always call and check and, if poss., visit and check.

Before full-timing we did a little time in France and found aires that would take us. We’re looking at a month next summer and I’ve been using an app (Campercontact) to source - there are others that are better I think.

Good luck.

Chris S-S

Hello and welcome, unfortunately I have not found an insurance company in the UK that covers full time living but IMHO the best for European cover and windscreen is Safeguard. Although there are many opinions.

Steve Martin

Hi and welcome to the forum, we have been full time for a couple of years and there are a lot of Aires/sites that will not fit our 39' plus trailer but plenty that do, its just a bit of research and using various Apps (CamperContact / Sygic works for us) or Aires books/ACSI. We tend to wild camp mostly as we love the freedom to do as we please without neighbours complaining about the burning smell from my cadac.
We use Safeguard for the unlimited windscreen cover (£6k to replace) and inclusive European breakdown cover.
I use the Garmin dēzl 760LM that you can input length, height, width of vehicle and makes life easy. This doesn't mean it will not send you down narrow lanes or across bridges that are difficult to negotiate but life is an adventure after all.


Hi welcome from us two to you two too (owl impression again). BAGS AN BAGS of info in here loads of luverly people too all willing to help. You've made a good choice already by joining us.(y).. A real biggy is getting the rv you like but also one that doesn't have faults as they are expensive to repair(y)


Hello and welcome enjoy the experience. There's many threads on here about buying an RV there worth reading.