Newbie - how is the risk of vehicle theft in the UK/London? (for on street parking)

Hi everyone,

I've never owned a camper van and am very keen to get a vw conversion which I would also use as a daily driver.

I live in London and plan to use the van to escape the city every Friday night - it's turned into an obsession!

I'm not sure I'll be able to park it in my residential car park because of the size and the availability of spaces. Would it be safe if it was parked on the street?

I googled this and saw that campervans were often targetted by thieves. Some people recommended to clamp one wheel and put a disklock on the steering wheel. Now it would be quite tiresome to operate all this twice a day for my commute and this has put me off a bit.

What is the general feeling about that? Do you have to have your own space to store the vehicle at night?

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Hi and welcome to RVOC...(y)

Really it depends on what part of London much of the time, like anywhere else there are hot spot`s or vehicle theft`s..

You would probably be better asking on our sister site here =

Which is more geared up for Eurovans... RVOC in the main is or Yank RV`s and 5th wheels..

But you will be made most welcome on both sites..
You live their. How do we know how safe your street is?
I would be fine with leaving my car on the street - and it's not too bad a car.

People park all sorts of cars. I often see a Tesla.

My only worry is that a campervan seems to be targeted by thieves - I've never had one and I know little about owning one so it's a bit difficult to assess the risk just by knowing the area.
Take a look here to find out what crime is reported in your area and what type of crime it is

That is really useful. Thank you.
I've just bought my first sports car. Will it be safe outside my house
I see what you mean. It's just that I saw so many reports about campers being targets of choice for thieves and I was wondering what that was about. Turns out I was advised never to park on the road inside the m25!