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Bigger mooches than my birds !!(y)
Just my own opinion of course;)....We're off to Moreton in Marsh caravan&motorhome club site next week,I'll have a look !!:rofl:
Hi John,
Not sure if you have been b4 but if not, walk left when leaving the campsite till the end of the road then do a left again you will be walking into town on the left side there's several pubs and curry houses that do fantastic food curry was amazing.

This is only apx 8 minutes walk.
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There going to be wardens at sandringham CMC site so they can be near family for babysitters.
I see Harry will be undertaking the 'warden job' on his own - the possible warden with the long dark hair (appears to be the only PC way to describe people these days !!) has already returned to Canada

Oh, to be a fly on the wall ............. in certain properties in Sandringham, London and Canada