New club on Facebook and its free

RV Neal

This one will do for me. I was a member of The American Motorhome Club UK No 1 back in the 80s. Then there was an almighty tiff between Derek Hives and Paul Rees which saw the formation of ARVE, which I also joined.

I saw the same thing happen to the American Car Club (AAC) before that where it split into two different factions (clubs). This happens to most organisations due to different politics.

I just ignore it now!

motor roamin

Not a problem, he can start his page. I hope he does well, I am just concerned, that dilution of the contributers on here. Could make this forum weaker. Over the years I have found this to be, the friendliest, most helpful forum of the lot. I have seen the others often wither and die, I just really dont want to lose the friends, and the banter on here. Because contributers are focusing elsewhere.
I'm going nowhere so thats two of us (y)