Motorhome friendly filling stations


Cor Blimey,:devil: just poke yer nose in and hope for the best eh,nice to keep some of them crazed maniacs waitin,do em good to slow down for a while eh !!..:)..Better to have smelly Derv Hands than none in the tank


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Get a petrol one then !:D
Our 36' National Dolphin is petrol, and we have difficulty getting under lots of filling station canopies. Luckily the filler is in the middle of the back wall, so we cause great confusion by reversing up to one of the pump islands so we don't have to go under the canopy. It is especially good fun to use the reversing camera, and the attendant start to panic because we have no-one helping, and they think we are going to wipe out the pumps.:(:D