MOT In Cornwall?


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Hello everybody, I'm new here. Unfortunately it's coming to a time where I'm looking to sell the intruder. I'm after a place in Cornwall that can hopefully pick up & MOT a Damon intruder it's 36foot. Anyone recommend anywhere that can do this & any repairs if need doing?
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Don't know your area personally, hopefully someone who does will come along soon. But most coach companies and local authority test stations can help.


If your going to the test centre (for a booked appointment) you can drive it on the road no need to get it picked up.

Double check but any of these places found here should be able to test it (this might be teaching you to suck eggs but your RV only needs a car MOT, however most MOT test cetnres won't have a ramp/pit big enough to physically carry out the test, these guys will):