?? More changes afoot ??


Tyres aged 10 years and older will be banned from lorries, buses and coaches on roads in England, Scotland and Wales in a boost to road safety, Roads Minister Baroness Vere announced today (15 July 2020).

So far today I have read 3 different interpretation of 'lorries' !!

The interesting one referred to forthcoming legislation affecting 'heavy goods vehicles' - given that many of us 'bigger boys' are taxed PHGV, perhaps one to watch

Legislation due to be amended to the Autumn will prohibit aged tyres on the steering axle

Press release here

motor roamin

Unless they have changed the new legislation I was under the impression it was just fronts couldn't be over ten years old, rears no age limit, must check this out, though I never have tyres that last that long anyway.


I don’t understand why anybody would leave tyres on that are ten years old anyway. That bit of black rubber is the only contact between you and the road and if it goes bang. :mad: You pay all that money for a RV another 2K on tyres for five years motoring is cheap.(y) Black tyres matter.


well mine just had a real good inspection and passed mot and they at least 12 years old … same age as the brand new spare in the side locker that's never been used .

We do only travel about 1000 a year

they even checked inner tyres for me and said why change if no signs of cracks etc ?

lee and sheryl

When we brought our 2006 RV with 8000 miles on her the tyres were 2004 however they looked perfect no traces of cracks or perishing. Perfect I though however 800miles later and 3 blowouts and then the information from this forum I changed them all ,we are now 12000 miles further down the road and no more blowouts. Luckily I only had rear ones go ,didn't fancy a front one going and only £160 a tyre so it was a no brainer :)


Ours were about six years old wand looked fine, nice un blemished side walls and loads of tread, had a big nail in a rear inside twin which I wanted sorted. Went to a recommended guy in Spain where we stayed and he took it of to go and repair, short time later he called me to have a look, the inside walls had large bubbles where the rubber was splitting away from itself. After a wait of a few hours whilst he sourced six replacements he changed them all, most had the same bubbles inside.
They where Michelin, the replacement set are Matadors which are now three years old so hopefully a couple more years out of them


motor roamin

The problem with tyres is you can't always see the degradation, I have seen tyres at 15 years old and still on inspection serviceable likewise I have scrapped 3 year old tyres, my spare which I posted pics of on here is one I changed when we bought the RV they were 8 years old and perfect the rears which I also changed were over 15 years old and must have been second tipper tyres were in fact older than the RV, though looking reasonable they were scrapped and we had a new set of boots, in fact the last three RV's I have owned have had a set of boots fitted before I have used them and in one case before it moved off the previous owners drive I told him to fit a set of tyres so I could test drive it they were so bad, tyres though expensive are capable of doing so much damage if they blow let alone the risk to life it's a no brainer to change them.