Lpg conversion


If you google Anglo American Newport South Wales Steves website will appear on the right of the page.He fitted Romano Systems to our previous Rv's and used to do all Westcroft work......I believe before Signature which were Westcroft did their own everything was shipped to Steve in Newport.
He will issue you with a certificate etc just in case your insurance company needs it.
Whether he does Prinns or not I don't know.....Worth a phone call though.(y).
Can't comment on Prinns as I've not had one but I've had two Romanos and never missed a beat.(y)


When he has done the work he also registers it with/on the relevent site so your insurance company just has to look it up


Ford have stopped making the v10 that’s probably why prinz aren’t making any mire v10 systems .. mine is a Chevy v8 phew!


G.A.S. Autocentre Ltd
Unit 1 Blake Business Park
Radcliffe Road

01484 649100 ask for Mike Scott Prinns main agent.

I know another member did not think he got good service. But he sorted a mess of a system out on my bus, new single ECU and proper 10 cylinder kit. He is Prinns technical manager in the uk. I have found him honest and continuing to be helpful.
Might be me? He did ours last Jan.
Good points. He collected it from Ipswich and left his car for us to use to collect it.
Wiring and general standard of fit seemed good.
Bad points.
Grease on carpets, dog kennel and sofa wife was in tears.
If I floor the pedal it misses, I think it needs two evaporators. Apart from that it runs fine.
Continuous ticking sound from inside the dog kennel, turned out to be bracket they fitted touching it, I put a bend in it.
Gauge lights all on or all off, I phoned and he said he would get back to me, never did.
His workshop is a dump and filthy dirty his overalls were the same.


Empire offered to look at mine but I may well just leave it till I can get down to Adi see if he can find problem but it’s now affecting petrol running


What system did you have fitted thanks
I believe it was a remano
What system did you have fitted thanks
had 2 x 110 L and1 x 80Lso 300 litres
Was already on van when bought, as they say gauge not accurate and hot cold weather depends on how much gas you get in.
I think we used to get about 300 plus miles to a tank and don’t forget you paying half the price !
However you will need to be using the vehicle regularly to recoup the initial outlay over the next few years .