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Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all well :)

We are looking our first RV (Class A) and would like to make sure that we are searching everywhere possible.

Could you please recommend some Dealers in the UK?

Also, for private buy/sell, we have been searching on Ebay, Gumtree and Marketplace. Do you know any more websites? Are there any that specialize in RV's?

Thanks so much in advance!

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James at empire rvs he's good dealer

Les ridgeset he's also good.

Dream rvs he's also good

Steve at Signature.

Anglo rvs.

Andy at Freedom rvs

Personally you cannot beat empire and ridgeset well known and have a very good reputation

Hope this helps
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For your first Rv I'd recommend a dealer(the right one anyway)all day long.
A lot won't agree but at least you have some sort of come back warranty wise.
My choice is Empire RV....I've bought, sold and I know first hand how they work and how their Rv's are presented.
You will pay a bit more but believe me it's worth the extra.(y).
Both James and Tim are the most honest genuine people I've ever come across.

Not just my opinion but first hand experience(y).
Hope this helps;)


I think we did everything that we could do wrong when we bought ours.....

I was looking for a new caravan at a local dealer and this 12yr old RV was sitting in the corner, it had been there for some time and they where getting desperate to move it, we liked what we saw, couldn't take it for a drive as it was gridlocked in with a ton of caravans all around it, she had 16,000 on it and the engine started first time and sounded sweet as a nut.

After some real hard haggling where we got a very good chunk taken off the screen price we paid a deposit and agreed a handover date, I then went to have a look at here once more and spotted the tyres where as old as the coach so pushed for new tyres, as it finished up we agreed to pay for two new ones if they payed for the other four. I also bought a good damp meter and when no one was looking I checked all around and in cupboards everywhere I could, did find a very small damp bit, this turned out to be a bit of sealer on the roof had cracked.

We did have a few small minor problems which we took it back for, one was the grey water tank leaking but they gave up on this and reported they couldn't find it and found no leak, in the end I found it to be the seal between the tank and the body the rubber seal was missing. So £1.50 on a new rubber washer and it's never leaked again.

In all we have had very few problems and any we had where very small, she's run well we taken her to France a couple of times done England, Scotland and Wales and a lot in the midlands.

There are good deals out there and we where lucky this time but it could so easily have gone the other way...


It is difficult to discover if an RV has been written off in the US. It is understood there has been more than one RV sold in the UK which was severely damaged in the Florida floods, repaired and sold in the UK. Make sure you do your “due diligence “.

There will always be good and bad RVs on eBay. If you have the skills and the price reflects this, a bad RV could become a not so bad RV.

Attend a show where there are RVs and owners, ask questions. Have a look around dealers, what they have on display may be a true reflection of physical stock but they also know who is thinking of selling or upgrading.

James at Empire is worth a visit. Les at Ridgeset frequently has RVs For sale.


Thank you all for your incredible help!

Thanks so much for recomending these dealers, they all seem very trustworthy! And thanks for suggesting to get in contact with them even if they haven't got what we need in Stock but perhaps they have contacts with people that are selling etc etc

If we end up buying from private we will be super careful to analyse the conditions of it! We're checking MOT (which also shows us if it has been driven frequently or left unused for a while), service history, making sure everything works, damp problems and we will be asking a specialist to run a service and check the mechanical parts, which is the most important for us as we will be full timers for a couple of years.

Thanks again so much!


Heeey guys,

Hope you're well! (y)

We have found an interesting RV in Glasgow and we were just wondering if you guys knew any RV specialist based around there?
We just wanted to get in contact with them and see if they would be able to give the RV a good once over and check that everything is working order.

Thanks so much!! :):)


Can you maybe tell us what the make & model and model is, as being a Fairly small U.K. market, sometimes members on here actually know the vehicle which can help !
It's a Four Winds Hurricane 2008 with 3 slides! It is the exact layout we are looking for! :) But it doesn't seem to have any service history which is why we want to get it properly checked out!


M Line (Coaches) Alloa - used to be a satellite agent / dealer for Itchy Feet Rvs - not sure what / if anything they are doing in the RV world these days

Might be worth a call - there may be someone there with some knowledge who can help

I would personally steer clear of the AA / RAC / independent inspection types - bad experience in this regard - great for ordinary cars, but clueless on RVs


Wow(y)..........Well remembered Ian,that's a blast from the past.There are mobile Rv specialists like Karl at KJS around the Cannock area,It'll be a hell of drag for one of the regular Rv boys to travel up there and will be expensive.

Good luck with your decision but be careful.....they can be costly mistakes but getting the right one is an absolute joy !!(y)


Thanks you all so much for your help!

I will PM Fleetwood HIlton and will check out M Line Alloa and KJS!! Thanks guys!

@evopower Yes that it the RV we are talking about.
Although we haven't been there to check it out, the layout seems perfect for what we're after.. I also work as a music composers and that 3rd slide would be amazing for a small studio.

In the description It looks like there are a few things to fix in the interior, which we are happy to work with but our concerns are on the mechanical aspects as it has not got a service history. I also checked the MOT and it looked like it PASSED since 2012 and nothing has been changed so we are a bit scared that it will be time to change lots of things like belt, etc etc. We asked them to check when the tyres where manufactured and it looks like they are 3 years old, so not too bad.
In the MOT we could also look at the milage and it seems that it has been driven fairly regularly every year and never left unused for too long. Though, the date of registration is 2008 but I am only able to see MOT from 2012 so not sure what happened in those 4 years.

As we are investing all our savings we want to make sure that everything is in right order, that's why we're looking for a RV specialist to go and take a proper look at it before we even go and check it out ourselves, as it's pretty far away!