Is my battery a cheapy LOL ? What do you have in you engine bay .


9306740E-98D0-4F3F-B116-F3EE789E41F6.jpegShould this be powerful enough to start the rv - 6.7 Petrol v10 - it has 670 Cca and 72 amp ?

turns the engine with great difficulty and started with a struggle then took it off and ordered same battery again thinking old battery just a bit flat - put new battery on like for like and same struggle.

Is this a cheapy lol ? £70 plus vat for replacement and or should I upgrade to something with a bit of ooommphhh -)

What do most people have in their engine bays ?

Thanks in advance -)


Just Never really trusted things when they look too cheap Jason -) most things on rv are expensive so was surprised to find it for £70 :)


Cat Diesel 2 x 90A/h for engine starting, and they are a little small and although ok now through the warmer weather they struggled over the colder months. Will change for 2 x 110A/h at the back end of the summer. Surprised you only have 1 starter battery? Fitting another will help


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Will only need 1 battery on a petrol but yours is a little small on the cca. If it was a diesel you would want 2. My ford only has one but I do have a sterling charger on it so is always topped up made a big difference.


If you want to check that more cca will make a difference , use the jump start button to link in the hab batteries when you crank

motor roamin

Most petrols will only have one engine battery but I agree would need to be 900cca up though a new battery with lower cca should wind it over without a problem, if you still have a problem with the higher cca battery I would check first all earth straps including chassis to engine, or worst case a lazy starter could be the culprit, hopefully the new battery will cure it.


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According to most USA websites the battery you have is large enough, should be between 650 and 770 cca, both Ford v10 6.8 and Chevy 8.1 petrol engines do not require massive batteries. I would agree with Rick, you have either a poor connection somewhere or a duff starter motor. The battery we normally put on f53 chassis's is only 640 cca and is plenty powerful enough. If you put one
Jump lead from the negative connection of the battery to somewhere on the engine block and the engine cranks ok you have a poor earth connection either from the battery to the chassis or from the chassis to the engine.
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I picked up the RV from storage and the battery was flat, this surprised me as I have a trickle charger from the hab batteries to the starter battery.

I found the input fuse (Lets call it #1) to the split charger had blown from the hab battery's to charger but output fuse (Lets call it #2) to starter battery was fine.

Put a new #1 fuse in it blew once more.

Took the other fuse #2 out and #1 fuse all now okay and split charger giving out 12.5v as it should

Put #2 back in and #1 blew.

Logic here would say fuse #2 would blow if there was a fault on the output line to the starter battery

And fuse #1 should only blow if theres a fault on split charger....

Starter battery is dead and will not even take a charge could this be blowing the fuse. :banghead:

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Just removed the battery and it's well Fubar giving 0V completely fried I put a new fuse in the split charger and it's not blown, so no shorts between the split charger and battery, it must have been the battery cursing it.
I think, I'm going to get and fit a bigger battery tray and fit an bigger 019 size battery something like an 85AH 800 Amp.