Paul Michael

Hi Guys,

I had a 1600w inverter fitted by ADI4 last year together with 4 x Trojan 125 batteries.

I am happy with the performance as it re-charges the batteries quickly etc.

At the moment, I have a cable plugged into the inverter and it is routed through to the inside of the RV into the top cupboard, passenger side where I plug in the TV, Sky box, DVD player etc.

Can anyone advise me if there is anything wrong with routing the cable to the rear electrics cupboard and plugging it in the the same socket Iuse when on a campsite. This will make all the sockets live in the RV and will be a lot easier to use.




This is not a good idea, give me a bell on 07831 812120 and I will explain why
PS I can fit a Relay for you that will automatically transfer from inverter when you turn the inverter on (y) (y)