Insurance Increase Because My Sunseeker is Ford based


Just had my insurance renewal come through and they've said due to the make of the vehicle I own its a higher risk, its a Ford E450.

Now I am fully aware that european transit based motorhomes are being stolen a lot but haven't heard of any American based fords being stolen. I'm going to ask on what facts they have to back this statement up but I'm guessing its just because its a Ford and they will all come under the same category.

Policy increase of around £50, obviously theres possibly other factors in that increase but most likely because its a Ford.

To continue to insure me they need proof of one of the following being used, Receipt,Photo in use etc.

Note from insurance co:
Currently we only approve 3 specific steering wheel locks. These have been independently tested, passed a five minute attack and are accredited by Sold Secure. The cost of these devices typically range from £50 to around £120.

- The Stoplock Pro or Stoplock Pro Elite. (no other versions)
- The Disklok steering lock.
- The Milenco High Security steering wheel lock. (you may need the longer commercial version to fit your motorhome)

Anyone have any feedback and/or personal use of any of the above?

Also anyone know where I might find details of thefts of American based vehicles in the uk?




To be honest I've never heard of an American RV being stolen, not saying that it hasn't happened but it's not an easy vehicle to move on & criminals prefer a fast buck. JMHO.
I'm sure that insurance companies have a list of "excuses" for increasing their premiums, although one of mine recently gave me a £25 refund as they said that due to covid 19 claims had been reduced & all customers were getting a repayment!


I am unaware of any RVs being stolen, although 15 years ago at Peterborough show there were Travellers with RVs. Two had Belgium plates, with one being different front to back and one was registered to a Volvo Estate. Make you own mind up as to why!!

I would have thought a £50 increase was within acceptable parameters.


Well after several emails, and a lengthy phone chat my insurance has now said that steering locks are not required on A class and coach built American based Ford vehicles and they've reduced my renewal also.

So I've come away happy with the cover required and not had to spend the extra on additional security measures.

Perseverance this time payed of.


RV Neal

I have/use a Stoplock Pro. had it for about 6 years. It's easy to use and of sturdy construction but don't think it would work on an A-Class due to the huge clearances between steering wheel and A pillars.