Hotels in Spain not happy with caravan parks


Perhaps when all this is over we should look elsewhere to travel.
Personally I love Germany and we have Rv friends who head for Croatia every
year.It's all down to preference but we only go to Spain for the weather.
The trouble is,and I think we've all been there,I've been ashamed to be English when I've seen some of the behaviour of our fellow Brits.
I know there's good and bad everywhere but it's us with the reputation.:(


We are closing to all tourers and seasonal customers on Friday.
Looe is like a ghost town.
Plenty of time to do jobs on motorhome.
Stay safe Steve, we got the extend a stay kit on just in time. Our site not closing as residentil status but have to use own facilities. Hope all of UK start to understand the need to stay away from other people. Glad we kept the RV now as not a bad home to be confined to. Love to you both.


Hi Guys
Hope your both safe, our little crew on site here are all locked down on park,.
I know you guys will take care of each other I have stocked up with gin and cider, I’ve got about 3 months to do stuff on the rv now.
Only downside is I’m self employed so let’s see what happens.
Anyway stay safe and anything I can do from here just call.
Lol Steve Lyn Daisy and Tabbs xx