hole in roof


hi all i am going to fit a wifi antenna to the roof of my fifth wheel to do this i need to drill a 25mm hole for fitting and cables to go through is there anything i need to know about drilling holes through a rubber roof any sensable advice would be very useful cheers


You can drill a hole through the roof no problem, the only thing I would do is check, check and check again your measurements.

Also check theres no wires in the roof the area you will be drilling
Also make sure there no steel beams in the roof.

Personally I would not do it at all.

Before the jag i used to make caravans for 10 years avondale and believe me theres wires all over the place in the ceiling.


The steel beams should be easy to find all you would need is a strong magnet to find them, or tap the roof with a hammer and listen for the change of sound.
The thing I would be worried about more than wires is any air con ducting, if you start with a small hole and then gradually increase you can get a finger in and move wires to one side.

"Skylights" If you fit in front or behind of one of these ( Without a fan ) I doubt you would find any wires or ducting, any runs of cable or air con ducting would avoid obstacles like these.... and would run along side them.