Hi Folks - Have I fu<>ed up here


As a newbie, please be gentle :)
Originally, I fancied a camper for weekends away.
I did not want to spend too much as I was not sure If I would like the lifestyle.
I set myself a budget of £10,000
The vans I looked at in that price range were crap, welded up Talbots or Citroens, they were no good vans never mind campers!
I decided to look at American RV's
So here is where I am now !!!!
I have recently bought a 1998 Georgeboy Pursuit (with slide + awning), 35ft long, 6.5l diesel with 32,000 on the clock. The outside looks pretty good but the inside was "updated " by the previous owner. The mechanicals are first-class (just fitted a remote PMD +spare). Fuel economy looks good (20mpg on the long run- London to N, Scotland) Electrics are a bit of a mess - Slide out and self-leveling jacks can only work with a bit of "jiggery-pokery" :), but in a previous life, I was a motor mechanic. The van is dry and solid and did not cost me a lot of money (just under half my budget) I like the idea of wild camping for a couple of months a year, is this a suitable tool for the job. Any and all comments are welcome.


a couple or more of good leisure batteries (ideal are 6v golf buggy style batteries) with solar panels, and poss a deisel heater, if wild camping is your bag, a derv heater uses less electric than the rv furnace for those chilly evenings (and can be run on red derv, with seperate tank ) if you want heat and havent had loads of sunny days to fully charge what you have used from your batteries, change all lights to led lights, remember that your genny usually runs on fuel from your fuel tank and that it will not work if your fuel guage shows only a quarter of a tank it has an auto cut off so that you have fuel to get to a garage to fill up, and also check weight and be aware of licence restrictions you might have
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WOW, thanks folks for such quick and encouraging replies... OK ... have fitted a diesel heater (don't trust old gas heaters), awaiting delivery of new Gas powered shower/hot water unit, and led lights are ongoing project ,. When I bought the RV it had a 15KVA 3 phase genny in the boot ... not a miss-print 15KVA 3 phase !!!! . I have a 3kva genny that I will fit when I get around to it. Still a bit big, but ok. In the meantime, I have fitted a 1kva to keep things going.
To be honest I did not expect such a good and encouraging reply from this forum. When I see people paying 10's of thousands for RV's, I did not think anyone would answer to someone that only paid a few thousand for an RV.
Thank you all for encouragement and support


Hi and great big welcome to the forum from Paul and Debra. As has been said, you sound like the basics are right. Now make it yours with the alterations, that suit you. Solar as stated a must, for wild camping. Join the camping and caravaning club, they will let members park on site for around £10 for i think 4 hours. You can use their washing machines, showers and most importantly, use their waste disposal point and fill up water.


Welcome Rory, to the forum. Sounds like you have a good base vehicle, and you have knowledge of how things work, and are able to fix them. If man made it, man can remake it.
If it's a diesel engine, the genny is fed from the LPG tank I believe. Unless it's a diesel genny of course.




Hi Rory
Welcome to the forum.It's nice to have something to throw money at and spend countless hours on with great big smile on your face.I've also just fitted a diesel heater.You have made the right choice going for an RV,keep us updated with the work you carry out.
Cheers Dave(also an ex mechanic)(y)(y)(y)


Greeting s , we paid 10k 11 years ago for our rv and although a bit old (1995) everything still works as it should and luckily only 28ft long . I bought a diesel heater which I still yet to fit & added an extra leisure battery, when I bought it so 2 and already had a large solar panel on the roof.

When we retire we will probably look at a smaller American RV as polishing this is like the forth bridge lol


Hi and welcome rory nothing else to say really as it's all been said above.

What I will say it might be worth joining other clubs to theres several out there like the arv club and motorhome fun lots of information and shows to go to.

Obviously when they are open.


I am really overwhelmed by the response from this forum.
For those interested, below is a synopsis of the project so far.

In the next couple of weeks. I intend to do a "trial" run.
Since I am stuck on the Isle of Lewis with nowhere to go, I think I will head to the South of the Island. Probably go to Luskintyre, Seilebost, or maybe just pop along to Reef Beach. ( they are all about 1hr30m from my home)
Options are limited here so we just have to make the best of it :)
After my Trial run, I will probably have lots of questions about the practicalities of camper life.

Ongoing work

Dodgy American wiring - tidied up 75% done – on-going
New Leisure batteries fitted.
New Injector control unit fitted + spare
Internal 12v lights replaced with LED’s – 75% done
Auto leveling jacks - Working, but only manually.
Gas furnaces – float test required (throw it in the sea and see if it floats)
Diesel heater – One fitted, works great (maybe fit a second one)
15KVA genny – removed and sold (recouped 25% of camper cost)
Dashboard – new dash constructed & fitted
Reversing & side camera’s fitted
4G internet installed
Bedroom – painted & papered
Slide-out – Painted, Papered, new carpet plus seating removed and replaced with table and chairs
Re-wiring Slide control unit underway – manual slide system works 100%
Water system – awaiting delivery of the new pump
220v water heater not installed properly – removed & ready for re-install
220v shower unit removed and awaiting delivery of replacement gas unit
LPG system – onboard tank missing – will use propane tanks for cooking
Bodywork – removed “extra “decals and stickers (100+ in total)

Future projects
Automatic step – removed – needs repair
Paintwork to be buffed/polished.
Aircon units X 2 – Going to remove and replace with roof-lights.
3 kva diesel genny to be fitted – 1kva temporally installed.
Internet CCTV to be installed
Solar panels to be fitted
Battery storage system upgrade