Hi All

mick e450

Hi there ,I just did my pinnion seal which involved disconnecting the prop shaft at the diff end and decided that if I ever needed a tow ,this was the thing to do ,just 4 small bolts then suspend the shaft ,seems much easier to me if your able to get under to do it ! Regards ,,Mick

Sue Fletch

Belated welcome from us too - we are also in Chesterfield so good to see more northern members. We bought our Damon Challenger a couple of years ago after having had caravans and euro bus! Love it to bits although we haven't been out for ages !! Looking forward to Jason's meet up in April (fingers crossed). If you aren't at that one then hope to bump into you at another meet!!
I agree with the other members about this being a friendly club - having bombarded everyone with a few dumb questions over the last few years!!

RV Neal

And finally a welcome from us. We've been RVing for 34 years and there's stuff I still don't know! But, someone on here will have the answer. Or be able to tell you where to find out.