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Well almost. I'm in North Yorkshire and finding it impossible to find anywhere to dump my full black waste tank.

Please can someone offer some help or advice?? Preferably somewhere to go to empty! I don't mind paying for a campsite but none seem to have the facility to empty holding tanks (black)

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As long as you are not putting any Elsan chemical in your tank, and you shouldn't be, you can empty down any sewer manhole.

Any campsite with a toilet block will almost certainly have a manhole somewhere. It helps if you have some lengths of Rhino sewer hose so that you don't have to be right on top of the manhole. Personally I have four 10' lengths so only need to get within 40' of a dump site. Alternatively if their grey water drain runs into the sewer you can use that. Make sure you clean it up afterwards though.

You may need to explain to the campsite owner or warden that there aren't any chemicals in the tank, as Elsan type chemicals shouldn't go down a normal sewer.

Where do you keep the RV? Is there a handy sewer manhole there?

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Most camping and caravanning club sites have a dump and let you use for a fee . Likewise caravan club sites, just have a ring round. But you really need a macerator, then you can dump into any elsan point and even a quite public toilet. Only septic tank sewers don't like elsan fluid, ordinary sewers should be fine. You can also buy organic tank treatments and they can go down any sewers.


failing that you need a waste carrier like the caravans use and will need to dump small amounts into that then take and empty - something i had to do quite often with the fiver. the fiamma waste with the 3" hole and a small length of the 3" sewer pipe does the job.

I cut a length of hose down so it wasnt too long, used it to fill waste tank then also used it to empty at the disposal point or even down the toilet
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I have no eslan chemicals and have visited about 8 sites and called at least a dozen sites including ccc sites all of whom say they don't have a manhole cover for sewerage! I have been thinking about a rhino hose.....although I'm on the road at the moment and a bit stuck!
I have manhole keys as at home I use my own manhole when we have been on weekends away. But I'm very far from home and am slightly panicking.
He waste carrier may be my only option, would prefer not though as I have nowhere to store it except inside the vehicle.
Thank you all for your help and advice.
Has anyone used a site near whitby to dump waste?


attach it to your rear ladder if you have one using a bike lock and bungie cord, mine used to fit between the rear of the unit and the ladder, but nothing to stop you putting it on the outside of the ladder.


Carefully dump it into a bucket for now, then down a normal toilet. Lots of loads, but it will get rid of the immediate problem. Then plan and action for next time.


Most coaches have onboard toilets with tanks so most coach operators (bus stations) have the ability to help you. Look up on google and give them a call. Also where exactly are you as someone might know somewhere.


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We have a 40 gallon tank , we fulltime in our RV and empty the black waste every 3 weeks
Maybe you don't need to be panicking, if needed you can call into any campsite with facilities and ask if you can pay a fee just to empty