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Popeye 68

Hello all,

So completely new to this, but just bought a 1978 Dodge Apache RV, needing some TLC, but remarkably, simple fixes.
Aiming to have her on the road in May, but wondered off the 40 year old, classic vehicle, no MOT, no road tax required, applies to RV's.

Everything on this vehicle is original.

Hope you are all well and look forward to any advice available, although I realise that my vehicle is somewhat of a dinosaur.

All good wishes,



Hi and welcome to the club. Hope you're project turns out well, it'll be nice to see some photos.

Merv and Sandra


Hi and welcome to this encyclopedia of knowledge , but that's not me, but some very knowledgeable Will be along soon, as Merv says a photo goes a long way


Hi Paul, Welcome to the club. I thought I had one of the oldest RV's having a 1993 vintage, but you beat that hands down. Sounds like a gem. I have a couple of 1960's motorcycles and with them you just apply for tax in the normal way on the government website, the once you put the year of your vehicle in, it allows you to tax the vehicle with no cost. It is very simple. I am sure it will be the same for your RV. Best of luck (y)
By the way..... where are you based???
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RV Neal

Hi Paul and welcome to this forum where you'll be very well received. Steve Dunn of Mobile RV Maintenance has a 70s Vogue RV also on a Dodge chassis I believe.

Popeye 68


What a very warm welcome. Thanks for your kind messages.

I am attaching some pics, which were taken by previous owner. He has helped me, since then, to rip out the old ceiling and replace some beams, before we replace the ceiling. Although needing a really big clean, everything- and I mean everything internally, is original and in a really good condition- all working.

I have a few bits to do on the bodywork, but will be a labour of love. Looking forward to getting her on the road in May.

Again, thanks for. you lovely welcoming messages.

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