He cut the blue wire!


Great news
Many thanks for the update / outcome

Would ensure that there is a top tank vent installed / unblocked "whilst you are down there" - our handbook tells us to fill to overflow / vent
Haha, no that fancy chipboard is the old stuff. I’m not sure what Mike has planned but there will be a new carpet on top.
It's just one of my pet hates is that chip wood panels. Even Houses are built with the stuff. Dare I say it, But the Bounder has wood floors..smily smirk face.

But what ever you are getting her sorted and soon back on the road.

Martha's Vineyard

Insulation has gone in around the new ducting
Covered up
First board fitted, cut to fit. With heating vent (which doesn't rattle anymore)
Second board down
Next Mike is going to cover the repair with that thin foam you put under laminate flooring, just to ensure no lumps where new floor meets old. Then underlay and carpet.

motor roamin

Looking good, always better if you can do it yourself then you know it's right, though having worked on mine with Adi 4 I would trust him to do the job right.........he's as picky as me :)